Hand made stretch tents, produced in Belgium with great passion.

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Hand made in Belgium

Bonga stretch tents are the result of a dedicated team that every day converts craftsmanship and product and materials expertise into high quality stretch tents made in Belgium. A sophisticated production process goes into the creation of a finished stretch tent. So a Bonga stretch tent is not just a party tent. Our aim: professional or novice, thanks to the user-friendly assembly system with clamps and tension straps, anyone can easily erect this tent.

Flexible & versatile

You can take that literally

One of the many advantages is that a Bonga stretch tent can be erected in different ways and can therefore easily take various shapes. A Bonga tent can be erected using both aluminium and wooden poles. Whatever you choose, a Bonga stretch tent always looks great! Depending on the use, location and size, you can opt for Proflexx or Triflexx fabric.

Although the luxury appearance of a stretch tent may suggest otherwise, with Bonga you pay a reasonable price for a tent of the very highest quality. So private customers can also enjoy our tents.

Custom work

Don’t worry about fitting when it’s custom-made

From 30 to 300 m², everyone can find something that meets their requirements. Do you have a specific request? Having difficulty finding the precise format you are looking for in our range? If so, we will be happy to make you a custom-designed tent. Because we are in control of every step in the production process, the possibilities are endless. Furthermore, you can for example attach a stretch tent seamlessly to a wall using a specially designed Keder edge.

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